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Show 4, post 1: Pre-show thoughts

Oshkosh, this is a big one!  Over 10,000 aircraft and 500,000 aviation nerds! It is a weeklong event, I’ll be there from Wednesday to Sunday. That’s still 5 days of shooting aircraft of all types. From home built aircraft to the US newest 5th Generation fighter, the F-35. I’ve never been to Oshkosh and have no idea what to expect. There will be tons of stories and images from this event. I have been writing them down all my ideas so I do not forget them.

There is going to be a lot of warbirds I have not seen there. Hoping to see and shoot some unique images. I rented some gear for this event, Canons 50 megapixel monster, the 5DSR along with the 100-400mm MKII from LenRental.com. I’ll be using the 5DSR with my 500mm F/4.5 as my main body and my 7D MKII with the 100-400mm MKII as my 2nd body.

This list of events was posted over on the Warbird Information Exchange forum(WIX) by “BK”.


-75th Doolittle Raid Anniversary: “just under 16 B-25s confirmed” still hoping to get 16. Sun-Mon arrival, fly Tuesday will land and be lined up as if on the Hornet in Warbird Alley. Wed night will launch (7:45pm) as if on the Hornet in rapid succession. I assume no 500ft take-offs. 🙂 At 8pm the B-25s will “light up the skies,” with 96 shots of pyro!

-75th anniversary of 8th Air Force/70th anniversary USAF: Saturday B-1, B-2, & B-52 formation pass at 3:30pm, the B-1, B-2, B-52 will also make single ship passes. Followed closely by 2 B-29s, 2 B-17s, B-24(“we may have a B-24 on board now”), flight of B-25s, & A-20. Collings are in Chicago that weekend.

-The B-1B that is static for the week will also be the one flying during the week. Arrival Monday at 2:30pm, will fly during the Wed night show, then fly again during “Bomber day” Sat. B-2 is flyover only Sat. Two B-52s – one static, one for the Sat. flyover.

-Two F-22s will arrive Friday will stay the weekend. KC-135 arrives Tue. will be static rest of the week. Two Navy P-8s, one on display early in the week and open for tours Tue-Wed. This P-8 departs Thurs morning with another P-8 arriving Thurs afternoon.

-F-35 Heritage Flight arrival Mon., none static, several A-10s Heritage Flight and static. Composite Heritage Flight F-35, A-10 and 2 P-51s. Wed. & Sat. 122nd FW Indiana ANG two A-10s demo with pyro.

-RAF A-400M arrives morning and departs during airshow on Wed. will do a couple of flybys on departure.

-Mystery flyover Wed. and maybe Tue as well at the start of the airshow. “Lots of moving parts required.” Requires a tanker with people coming from far away. “If it works it’s gonna be awesome.”

-F-18s, F-16s Wisconsin ANG, Army Chinooks and Apaches.

– B-29s (Doc/Fifi) flying Tue, Fri & Sat., Doc on the plaza all week, Fifi on the plaza and selling rides in Appleton. YL-15 on the plaza, Scaled Composites Proteus, F-86A oldest flying jet, 2 P-47s from TN, Collings Mark IX Spitfire w/116 combat missions, recently restored SBD, CAF P-63, A-20, C-123 used as a stage for the honor flight/veteran parade.

 -Blue Origin will have a space flown booster rocket on display as well as the capsule (open for tours) they plan to use for space tourism.

-Wed 30m warbird airshow display “fighters,” Thurs. jet warbirds, Fri. 60m warbird show w/B-29s, A-20 is flying in Tue., Fri., and Sat. warbird show.

-Sun. NASA T-38 and CAF P-63 in NACA scheme will fly together.

As you can see, there is going to be a shit load of awesomeness happening at Oshkosh this year.

Possible pretty light and a few pre-show thoughts

Show 3, post 1: Goshen evening airshow

My next show is a little show down in Goshen, Indiana. Back in 2015 I attended their show, Rotors and Ribs, a small one day helicopter event along with a Rib cook off. Unfortunately, it was rained out. But I did like the feeling of the show, small town show put together by locals and not a huge over done production. This year’s event is going to be an evening show with a handful of flying displays. Here’s a link to the shows website…http://www.americasfreedomfest.org

My main reason why I’m going this show is the possibility for some amazing afternoon light. Flying doesn’t start until 7pm. The runway at Goshen Municipal Airport runs east/west and come late afternoon the light off to the east should be nice and only get better until sunset. Along with the crowd line was pretty close to the active runway, which make for a good opportunity for some panning shots. And in the lovely late afternoon light… Oh man!

Here’s a few of my pre-show thoughts. I have a shot of USAF heritage flight with F-22 and a P-51 that I shot at NAS Oceana back in 2008. It’s an OK image but it was shot is the bright mid-day light. The quality of light is boring and flat. As well as it’s a shot that many photographers shot during that show.

crapter and little house

I’m hoping to replace that image with one with more dynamic lighting. The challenge is I’ll get only shot at trying to get the image I want. Again, it’s only a one day show, no practice or Sunday show. That means shooting higher in my comfort zone to have a higher “keeper” rate. So that means shooting in shutter propriety at 1/320th. Which is slow enough to show some prop blur on the P-51 but high enough to get a few keepers on each pass. I would like to shoot it at 1/100th or 1/125th but again it is a one day show. Getting a properly exposure image will be a little tricky. The paint on the F-22 like to shine a bright hot bronze color in late afternoon light. Which looks stunning but the camera tends to underexpose the Raptor, which isn’t a problem if I’m shooting the Raptor by itself. I can adjust the exposure in Lightroom no problem.

goldern craptor

But during the heritage flight at Goshen with the P-51 Baby Duck, which has a highly polished metal finish, wonder how and if the light bouncing off it will mess with the exposure? Here’s an image I shot back in 2007 at Selfridge ANGB show. You can see the light bouncing off the P-51 Moonbeam McSwine’s and hitting the Strike Eagle fuselage. It’s cool that my camera’s sensor can pick that up but it makes a strange detail in the image.

mudhen and mcswine

Also on the shows website, it shows Paul Keppeler’s CL-13B Sabre Mk 6(Canadair built F-86) will be attending the show. But I’m not sure if whoever put the website together just grabbed any picture of a F-86 or if that’s the one that will be there. There no mention of the owner and that’s has me worried about who’s Saber is going to be there. Warbird heritage foundation (WHF) owns and operates a beautiful F-86 out of Waukegan, Illinois, which would be short hop down to Goshen. I have no problems seeing it again but I have many great images of WHF Saber and not sure if I would be able to shoot a better one at Goshen. If so, great but would rather see Keppeler’s Saber. Will keep an eye out on their Facebook page and show website for any news or updates on attending aircraft. Here is a few of my favorite images of WHF F-86.

WHF saber_1WHF saber_2

To add to the unknowns, not sure if the Saber would even be taking off and landing at Goshen. The runway there is only 6,050ft long and I’m unsure how much runway is required to operate a Saber. It could stage out of another larger airport and fly over for the show. Which is very possible. The F-22 along with the P-51 are flying down from Battle Creek, Michigan, doing the heritage flight and then heading back to Michigan.

I would like to get some static shots of the warbirds if possible in the afternoon light. Shooting good static images are always troublesome to shoot. Always fighting with background clutter around the aircraft. Everything from cones and ropes to porta johns to tents. Making it difficult to isolate the subject. There is also a good possibility that the aircraft will not be acceptable for shooting. Some show separates the flight aircraft on the “hot ramp” from the ones on static. Will know more as the show gets closer. If not, I’ll know when I get there and take a look around.

There is one more thing to consider, weather. Thunderstorms are notorious for popping up in the Midwest during the summer. There is a good chance the show could see some rain before, during or after the show. It is something you should always be prepared for. Seek shelter if a storm comes your way. Inside a cargo plane, a hanger or tent, something. Get you and your gear out of the rain. If there is a chance of rain at an event, I will bring a ziplock bag to put my gear in if the sky opens up. I know you’re thinking “A ziplock bag? To do what? Protect your cards and batteries?” Yes and my 500mm F/4.5 and whatever body I’m shooting with. Ziplock makes large bags for clothing which are perfect for protecting your gear from the elements. They come in many different sizes, you can get one that you can put you whole camera bag in or one just that would fit just your camera and lense. Priced around $10 to $15, which I don’t mind spending if it can save my gear. Amazon has them, search for “large ziplock bags”

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Got Published!

bunch of bent wings

I just wanted to share with you guys that I got published in this month’s issue of ISnAP, Magazine of the International Society of Aviation Photography. Hopefully the first of many more to come. I have to thank my new friends as well as fellow aviation photographer Larry Grace for making this happen, Thank You Larry! Here’s a link so you guys can see my work as well as the rest of the issue. Mine is “Planes of Fame Airshow 2017”


Enjoy and see ya next post,


Better late than never!

Show 1, Post 3: My images from TICO

I’m glad to have finally made it down to Titusville to attend the show. Here’s brief pictorial review of the 2017 “TICO Warbird Airshow” at the Space Coast Regional Airport.

Click on thumbnails to view larger images!














Gear used: Canon 7D MKII
Canon 70D
Canon 70-200mm F/2.8 USM
Canon 200-400mm F/4 IS USM


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