Well, Hello There!

Me: “Oh yeah, I have a blog!”

An Adventure in Awesome: ” I was beginning to think you had forgotten about me. Where have you been? Why haven’t you posted anything? Do you not like me?”

Me:(with a devilish grin) “I haven’t forgotten about you and I still like You! “

An Adventure in Awesome: “What happened? I barely saw you last year!”

Me: “What? I posted Star Wars day!”

An Adventure in Awesome: (upset) “Yeah and that was it! What the fuck dude?!”

Me: “Well, things change. My passion shifted from photography and writing to model making for most of the year. I did started a pretty ambitious project, My Sea Flankers. Three 1/48 scale Sea Flankers from my imagination or insanity?!”

An Adventure in Awesome: “Whatever… Did you even go to any airshows or some type of aviation event? Did you even pick up your camera in 2019?”

Me: “I did not go to any airshows or any aviation events in 2019 and may not in 2020. I’ve been to so many shows in the past 15 years, seen the same acts, demos and jet teams and it is not enjoyable seeing the same things over and over again.”

An Adventure in Awesome: “So, are you done with photography and writing? What happen to having more meaningful content along with photography with intention?”

Me: “Oh, heck no. I’m not done yet! I just want to see and do different things. Matter of fact, I’m working on my largest post ever. Tons of new and cool images and exciting experiences. I think your going to like it!  I can’t wait to share it with you!”

An Adventure in Awesome:(super excited) “What is it about? Where did you go? What did see? Come on, Come on!”

Me: “Hold your horses their Missy. It’s coming and very soon. Along with I will posting more this year. I promise! I already have a few adventures planned for 2020.”

An Adventure in Awesome: “Its good to see you are back!”


Happy belated New Year!

Like I said above, last year I lose interest in going to airshows and my passion to build models fired up. But things changed over the holidays season and I’m going to do more traveling in 2020. The more I travel, the more I will post. Stay tuned!




Thoughts about the future

In the coming year ahead, I want to embrace the idea of “It’s about concentration and not validation”. I’m no longer looking for any validation with any of my passions. I’m not saying I know it all, that is far from the case. I feel it is time to continue this creativity adventure of mine and start to focus as well as explore it’s many paths. I want to spread this idea to all my Passions. Photography, model making as well as writing.


With my photography, I’m going to limit my online presence. I want my blog to be my main online outlet. I will email and post blog updates on a few forums I enjoy but that is about it. Not Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter……Blah, Blah, Blah! Those are NOT the way I want to share any of my work. This is MY singular and personal journey. I’m not trying to reach out and share to everyone in the world, just a few other creativity souls that I manage to interact with. I’m sure this idea will upset a few people. But the time I would spend on social media, I would rather spend it doing something creative or nurturing one of my Passions.

Sharing and getting that instant feedback is great. But for now, I’m not looking for it. I really want to dive deep and explore my creativity, scrutinize my inspiration and have what I find show in my work. I feel I can’t do this legitimately if I’m wrapped up in social media. I’m not worried about people not seeing my work. Those who enjoy my work, know how and where to find it as well as how to share it with others. If you like my content and do not know how get updates, just click the “Follow” button.

My reducing online presence is only for my photography. My writing and modelmaking should be unaffected. And actually, my online activity with my passion for modelmaking sure increase. Hopefully in early 2018, I will launch “Far Resin”. My small “What-If” aftermarket resin endeavor. This has been something I have been secretly working on for some time now. From learning different molding and casting methods to building an inventory of what I feel is an original sellable product, it is time to take the next step and see if any of it will in fact sale. I’m currently finishing up the new web page and working on some new exciting products.


And for my writing, I want to continue to write about things I feel is important to Me. And that is where I am running into problems. From the start of this blog, I told myself I was not going to write about what is happening in the world and how it affects me. I am find the frequency of which issues of the world that trouble me is becoming shorter and more disturbing. We live in a truly fucked up world and there are a lot of opinions about it all. Seem like most of them are negative and is just a bunch of regurgitated garbage. And it comes from everywhere, the news, social media, and even from family & friends. I’m frankly sick of it and I don’t want to add to the noise. I feel Rose Tico from Star Wars: The Last Jedi said it best,

“That’s how we’re going to win. Not fighting for what we hate. Saving what we love.”

I want to keep sharing my adventures and my experiences along with maybe inspire one of you to do something different, go one step further or even leave me a comment about your feeling. I want to share with you my favorite comment I has gotten. It is from Jerry Ennis, about My 2017 Season Review.

“You had me at your second sentence. I’ve been feeling the same way and have event passed on some shows because the lineup just looked like a rerun of the year before and the year before that. I enjoyed reading your post and then decided it needed to be studied, not just read. I’ve printed it so I can read, pause, reflect, and (I hope) find some answers of my own. Thanks for priming the pump.” Jerry Ennis

Helping other creative person get those juices going and start to do something with them. That is why I write. I want to keep writing about my passions and to continue to get great comments like Jerry’s. With all my Passions, I still have a lot to learn. I hope 2018 will be a positive learning experience that I get to share with you all.

Happy New Year!


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