The Zoo visit

While visiting the Detroit zoo, you suddenly discovered you have the ability to not only hear but understand all the animals around you. But to your dismay, they’re enthusiastically bitching about humans and how they’re carelessly destroying “Their” planet. As you curiously wonder around eavesdropping on Mother Nature ‘s confidential narrative, you hear hints of a coming calamity that they all seem to know about. And that this upcoming event would eliminate the human population and how joyful they are for it to happen. But just before you learn the details of how this extinction event will play out, you hear a tiger abruptly say with a fierce authority, “Shut up! That one can hear us”. All the animals fall silent, coldly turn towards you and stare at you with an unquestionable look of resentment and dissatisfaction. And as quickly as the Doctor Doolittle like ability came to be, it quickly fades. Disturbingly, the last thing you clearly recognize from them is a devilish laugh that quickly spreads from one enclosure to the next.

Tiger pic

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