What does photography mean to You?

I stumbled upon a thread on one of Flickr’s group discussions. Asking a simple question; “What does photography mean to you?” I found it interesting reading all the different meanings from one photographer to another. And during these endless days in lockdown, I’ve found myself ceaselessly pondering and struggling with that pure and simple question. And after a few lackluster routine filled days, I’ve managed to sort out my brain stew of thoughts.

For me, photography is one of my many passions. As a creative individual, it’s something I cannot live without. It’s a means in which I can creatively capture significant moments in time. This is a ongoing life long struggle of trying to create unrepeatable images. I have hundreds of photos that I can remember that very singular moment I shot it. Like having a splitting migraine, how ridiculously hot it was, or how good someone smelled. But… most of them could be duplicated somehow or another. I’m profoundly drawn to unique imagery, like a neodymium magnet to steel.

My love for photography has initiated my desire to travel more. To start crossing out those places on my bucket list. Like the ancient traditions and modern society of Japan along with the rich and over saturated colors of Antelope Canyon. And when this global crisis has come to a close, I’m going to continue to see the world with the hopes of capturing it differently. Having those images to be deeply woven into my personal experiences.

If you’re a photographer, “What does photography mean to You?” Along with, “What do you want from Your images?” I think it would be wonderful if you guys would leave your answers in the comments below.

Until next time, stay safe and busy!


2 thoughts on “What does photography mean to You?”

  1. Sadly, I do not have the same “creative” mind that you do. I try my best, but others just have a better eye. Work like yours inspires me and helps me grow. What my photos mean to me is that I primarily use my photography to document events. Airshows, sporting events, family time, etc. Sometimes, when the bug bites, I can pull out some artistic and creative stuff. Hopefully, from browsing sites like yours on WordPress and other photo venues, I can grow creatively and begin to get images that are both unique and creatively satisfying.

    And, similar to you, I’m finding that it is fun to travel to NEW places and enjoy the different adventures.

    1. Thank you my friend. I know your creative. I’ve seen hints of it in your images. I think if you push yourself(just a little bit) out of your comfort zone, you’ll be surprised by what you can do! And thanks for sharing your definition of photography! Very cool Sir!

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